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What are the GUI Modules?

The Graphical User Interface ("GUI") modules are used to setup, configure, and to make changes to how your PBX operates.  

How Do I Access the GUI Modules?

To access the GUI modules and configure your PBX, you must use a computer that has a web browser installed.  

Go to another machine on your same network, open a web browser, and enter the IP address of your PBX into the browser address bar.  At the top of the screen, you will see a series of pull downs that allow you to access the modules.

How Do I Learn What Each GUI Module Does?

Click on the links to on the left side of this page to learn about each Module.  In this Wiki, each Module is grouped under the same headings that are used on your PBX.

What if I Don't Know the IP Address of my PBX?

If you don't know the IP address of your PBX, go to the Linux console/command prompt of the machine that is running your PBX. You can log-in here using the username "root" without quotes, and the Root Password you selected during installation or provisioning.  Some Distributions will tell you your IP address as soon as you log-in.  If not, type



at the command line and the IP address of your machine will appear to the right of "eth0".

Then type

What Happens When I Access my PBX Using my Web Browser?

The first time you login you may be asked to set your default username and password the first time depending on your setup and install.  That username and password will be used in the future to access of your PBX. 

Note: These passwords do not change the Root Password used to log-in to the Linux command prompt! They are only used for access to the web interface.

The main screen will offer you four options:

  • The PBX Administrator icon will allow you to access the GUI Modules and to configure your PBX. 
  • The User Control Panel icon (aka ARI) allows users to listen to their voicemail mesages and change certain features such as call forwarding from their computer. Users log-in using their extension number and voicemail password. The Administrator can log-in using the username "admin" and the password set-up during the install (or the default, which is ari_admin).
  • The Operator Panel icon will allow you to access an Operator Panel that can be used by a receptionist or operator to direct calls using a computer.  Depending upon the Distro you installed, you may have XactView, iSymphony, Flash Operator Panel, or no Operator Panel installed.
  • The Get Official Support icon will link to a web-page where you can get commercial support.


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